January 30, 2021

Financial Utility crypto token based on Ether for Africa

By yvesfopa

When the financial services industry  works well, it creates growth, prosperity and peace of mind for hundreds of  millions of people. No other industry touches so many lives or shapes so  many futures

1- What problem are we addressing ?
The precariousness of the access to the financial services of the African populations aged from 17 to 50 years (our heart of target, that is to say approximately 350 million individuals). The main vehicle for accessing said services is a bank account, of which only 15% of our target has active access.

2- Do target populations really need a bank account ?
Absolutely yes. Monetary creation, an essential vector of economic growth, remains today one of the main missions of banks, themselves regulated by the various central banks. Monetary creation takes place mainly by means of loans granted by banks under conditions of acceptable risk and profitability.

3- Our mission
Bring the African populations closer to the bank in order to allow them to benefit from the financial services essential to economic development and of which only the banks have real expertise and economic role, this by means of a modern digital platform, in the state of art, developed by our company Qognitiv Technologies.

4- What does “Qognitiv Banking” our digital banking solution provide as an answer to these problems ?
A secure, modern and complete online banking platform, integrating several ready-to-use services to allow the maximum number of people to open securely, remotely, a bank account in an affiliated bank and benefit at very low cost of all financial services offered by the bank (s) chosen by the client.

Our platform objectives: high volume of bank accounts, better financial traceability or improved risk calculation, lower rate of wear of credit and other financial services, acceleration of wealth creation.

5- What does the platform contain ?
– Two Android and IOS mobile applications integrating the state of the art of artificial intelligence for facial and voice recognition as well as the state of the art of cryptography.

   – A virtual bank office, for a 100% digital bank, allowing account managers to be assisted by artificial intelligence and customers to have access to ALL financial services everywhere.

6- Our positioning
We position ourselves as an IOB (intermediary in banking operations) under license from the main central banks in sub-Saharan Africa. It is an intermediation activity authorized by Order of the Minister of Finance, after advice from the Central Bank. The IOB can conclude new mandates with different credit institutions, without requiring a new authorization, by making the declaration to the Minister of Finance, with a copy to the central bank (Example the BCEAO for the UMEOA zone). We operate without holding client funds, financial transactions being carried out in real time with our partners.

7 – Short presentation videos
a) Short video of account opening : https://youtu.be/YkIYjQr0IK0
b) Short video of bank services access : https://youtu.be/qcP24lLYP4s
c) Short video of the virtual bank agency (for the bank) : https://youtu.be/slgmHOgn6Y0
d) Our web site : https://qognitiv.io

Qognitiv Crypto Coin will be used by B2B partners – Banks, Financials and payment services providers, and others – to pay for service usage on Qognitiv Financial Services Gateway for Africa platform. Qognitiv Crypto Coin, an Ethereum utility token using “Proof of Stake” as decentralized consensus mechanism, will be acquired via crypto trade platforms.

Every customer who open a bank account via our platform will receive 50 Tokens which will mature after 1 year of holding and 100$ transactions minimum done on the platform.


350 millions potential customers in Africa ­Digital bank account ­Deposits and loans ­Mobile money cash in-out ­Cross border payments ­Transactions with smart contracts ­FIAT to cryptocurrencies trade

  • Qognitiv Token to access financials services – credit bureau, KYC & Transaction risk score
  • KYC & AMLTackle KYC & AML challenges in Africa countries
  • Digital BankAI bank providing financials services to unbanked people
  • Transaction risk scoreCustomer risk score for electronic transactions
  • Credit BureauCredit scoring provider to financials partners

-1 token per transaction risk check
-5 tokens per KYC check
-10 tokens per Credit score check

Auteur : Yves Fopa
Digital solutions architect

Visit https://qognitiv.io for more insights our technology