January 30, 2021

Digital banking and micro insurance in Africa

By yvesfopa

Our digital stack provides complete out of the box financial services, based on your requirements you can pick the complete stack or only some of the components for seamless integration with your IT platform.

Onboarding and KYC

  •  Fully automated secured customer onboarding using state of the art artificial intelligence for frictionless customer acquisition.
  • Augmented Bank officer with Qognitiv virtual bank officer desk

Micro Loans

  • Automated decision process, regulatory and compliance integration, risk management and micro credit monitoring
  • Faster loan approvals, which will increase the bank’s loan closure rate and throughput
  • Ability to re-use origination data for stress testing and model validation

Micro Savings

  • Saving wallets management
  • Mobile money top up
  • Investments targets and incitation management

Micro Insurance

  • Premium collection
  • Communities management
  • Compliance integration
  • Claims management

Merchants services

  • Frictionless Cash collection
  • Online product and services catalogue
  • Secure checkout

Cross Border Micro Remittance

  • Provide micro money transfer remittance to your customer
  • The money is available in the customer’s bank account or wallet in minutes depending on the bank account or wallet

Credit scoring

  • Automated decision-making service, depending on your preferences, which is done by incorporating your risk strategy.
  • Our machine-learning algorithm builds and updates further scorecard(s), adapting it to the recent customers’ behaviour.

AML and fraud detection

  • Transactions screening, fraud detection uses advanced in-house artificial intelligence algorithms to predict fraudulent transactions.

Local Government Taxes integration Tax collection service

Merchants services can’t be limited to cash collection. Merchants need specific cash collection tools to address micro payments

Our solution let mobile financial service provider offer to merchants perfect checkout experience that works across different types of mobile wallet. Our platform

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  • Micro cash collection, fragmented, scheduled payments
  • Online catalogue
  • Payment processing
  • Settlement and reconciliation
  • Reporting

Micro credits

By offering financial services to the neediest population groups, microfinance institutions support micro-enterprises and help enhance living conditions for their customers. Microfinance provides assistance in starting up a business, mobilizing savings or taking out insurance to cope with the hazards of life. Qognitiv micro credit management allows your financial institution to automatically collect and run data mining on diverse sources, provide customer credit risk score using our artificial intelligence algorithms.

Author : Yves Fopa
Digital solutions architect