January 29, 2021

Financial and insurance ecosystem in Africa

By yvesfopa

Qognitiv Platform is a digital ecosystem providing micro financial and insurance services to mass market through partnership with banks, insurances companies, mobile financial services providers and any other financial and insurances services providers.

Qognitiv Platform is a financial inclusion accelerator provider to retail banking and fintech using state of the art digital technologies with main focus on emerging markets. Our services are designed for financial institutions (commercial banks, fintech, insurances and others) who want to leverage world class digital and artificial intelligence technologies to offer their customer powerful and modern digital services.

We have built Qognitiv Platform to bridge the gap between people in need of modern, simple, affordable banking and insurance services and commercial banks looking for new customers in emerging markets.

According to 2018 statistics, less than 20% of people over 15 years in sub-Saharan Africa hold an account with a financial institution. The percentage of adults with savings from financial institutions remains low, and only 7% has borrowed from a financial institution.

Our platform provides a market ready digital bank built with state of the art technologies (e.g artificial intelligence, blockchain) and ready to deploy social network marketing strategy. From onboarding to commercial services, our solution provides all the digital tools you need to run a brand new digital bank. You will achieve operational excellence from day one without any additional development.

Using Augmented Bank officer with Qognitiv virtual bank officer desk reduces operational costs and improves customer experience. Assisted by artificial intelligence, Bank officer can handle many more customer queries and can therefore take better decision faster.

Adding a taste of digital to your legacy bank doesn’t make it a digital bank. A digital bank should be build from ground up with digital strategy in mind.

A competitive digital bank needs a powerful and modern mobile application. We provide world first class white label android & IOS ready mobiles applications which can be easily customized and branded according to your needs. visit https://qognitiv.io for more details on our technology

Micro insurance is not only about small premium collection. Micro insurance needs tools for people with poor insurance education.

Microinsurance is a means of protecting low income people against specific risks in exchange for a regular payment of premiums. The principal distinction from traditional insurance is in the targeting of low income people, which leads to distinct characteristics and objectives. Insurance services works only if majority of customers pays premium regularly but the issue with targeted people in emerging is the irregularity of their incomes.

Our solution provides you with the tool you need to deploy an efficient micro insurance service

  • Flexible premium collection
  • Automated micro claims management
  • Marketing tools
  • Health care and assistance partners tools

Author : Yves Fopa
Digital solutions architect