Month: January 2021

January 30, 2021

Financial Utility crypto token based on Ether for Africa

“When the financial services industry  works well, it creates growth, prosperity and peace of mind for hundreds of  millions of people. No other industry touches so many lives or shapes so  many futures” 1- What problem are we addressing ?The precariousness of the access to the financial services of the African populations aged from 17 to 50 years (our heart of target, that is to […]

January 30, 2021

Digital banking and micro insurance in Africa

Our digital stack provides complete out of the box financial services, based on your requirements you can pick the complete stack or only some of the components for seamless integration with your IT platform. Onboarding and KYC  Fully automated secured customer onboarding using state of the art artificial intelligence for frictionless customer acquisition. Augmented Bank officer with Qognitiv virtual bank officer desk Micro Loans Automated […]

January 29, 2021

Financial and insurance ecosystem in Africa

Qognitiv Platform is a digital ecosystem providing micro financial and insurance services to mass market through partnership with banks, insurances companies, mobile financial services providers and any other financial and insurances services providers. Qognitiv Platform is a financial inclusion accelerator provider to retail banking and fintech using state of the art digital technologies with main focus on emerging markets. Our services are designed for financial […]